Gretchen Gabisan


                                                      Art.Aries / Miss G

                                                      Art.Aries / Miss G



          Gretchen also known as Art.Aries and Miss G, is currently 28 years young, her work in traditional, digital paint, and portrait art is some of the most amazing work created. She is a college graduate and dreams of being graphic designer. The first piece and type of art Art.Aries ever created was realism. Her inspiration for creating her art is, "about the people behind me that supports me, which is my family."

          Art.Aries's motivation to continue her artwork is her ability to find beauty in everything. She is currently working on portraits of random women, and some other interesting art pieces. Her plans are to continue what she loves to do and see what’s up. "My family has always been so supportive since day 1 and definitely continue to do so."

          Art.Aries's favorite color(s) are too many to list, although white isn’t a color but she really likes how neat it is. As a child she has been imagining how things are being formed. She always loves to illustrate them through tracing at first, then started on her own. She loves all art forms. If she could do anything with her art it would be, "definitely to inspire others and let everyone know art isn’t just a hobby. Art is definitely a job, a passion which some or most people don’t know. We invest our time on it, we sweat on it, we study and stuff so people really need to respect that as well. For me, art is my sanctuary and my only escape from this big, chaotic crazy world. And I define it as Love."