Queen Megan


Name: Megan Montalvo
Artist/Pen Name: Queen Megan
Current Age: 27
Art type: Makeup Artist
Education: certified makeup artist from Makeup Designory in Manhattan, cosmetology license from Robert Fiance Beauty School Perth Amboy NJ
Current career/job: Freelance Artist
Dream job: Own my own freelance business
First piece/type of art: Coloring hair
Inspiration for creating your art: color palettes and the earth are my biggest inspiration
Motivation to continue your artwork: to be the best artist I can be, never stop learning or practicing
What are you working on now? Right now to LLC my business
What are your future plans? Own my company, own a studio salon
Who or what has supported you? Do they/ does it continue to do so now? I am blessed all my friends/clients, my family and my boyfriend are constantly supporting my art and dreams

What is your favorite color(s)? Cool Tone, blues, greens and purples

What is your favorite art form(s)? Painting and Photography

If you could do anything with your art what would it be? I would love to teach! Its definitely a goal in life to give all my knowledge I’ve gained in life to others

What does art mean to you? (Personally) Art to me means expressing yourself creatively

What is your definition of art? I define art as anything that makes you feel

How did you discover your talent? (Ex. As a child, art class, I just knew, etc.) When I was a child I loved to draw and color, as I grew up so did my love for art. I went to beauty school as a fall back when I took a year off from college and it made me the happiest I’ve ever been so i went with it.

Social Media: Instagram.com/queenartistry_ and Facebook- artist megan

Her website- https://meganmmontalvo.wixsite.com/artistry