Various Orchid's

Orquidia Snyder’s Various Orchid’s is an older book of poetry and artwork from her past. Poetry and artwork that she’s openly shared with everyone. It’s a collection of poetry and artwork from adolescence into motherhood. Years of poetry and art that she feels can resonate with many women and perhaps men. Orquidia has always felt a level of empathy and understanding towards all mankind.  

By: Orqudiia Snyder

Various Orchid’s

Personalities and realities,

I love them all the same,

Art fills your mind,

Anger, frustration, sadness, excitement and Inspiration fill your heart.

Art of expression of all types fill the book.

The book of a new age,

Of new expressions,

There are many but it all adds up to one.

One Various Orchid’s.

A Feeling

By: Orquidia Matos

A ring so meaningful

To the heart and peace of mind,

Someone as wonderful as you

placed it on a finger of mine,

A warm smile and sweet kiss

sealed the deal love brings within,

Such a perfect love

for an imperfect person,

The love will last.

And this feeling will stay forever.



Why is my body shaking

Is she ok or did I make a mistake

Will she arrive safe or is he just a fake

My heart is beating faster

My body continues to shake

Is she awake, how long will it take

Yes he did lie

I have the proof to verify

So what will he do

Is this relationship through

Or will he tell another lie

And let them multiply

My heart still beats faster

But that does not matter

I want her in my arms

With her smile and her charm

She is alive and fine

And his heart is still mine


She says he’s cheating

He says there is no way

She told me stories

He begs me to stay

Who can I trust

What should I do

I love him so much

Does he love me too

I want to believe him

But what about her

I want to forget it

This is so much torture

I’m going to decide

And I won’t deny

Is she jealous

Or is he just a lie


I had trust in him

But he betrayed me

I used to love him

We just couldn’t be

I told him I was in love

I told him I was happy with BB

My mind spun from alarm

He told me he wants me back

He told me the love was still there

I told him I couldn’t do that

My heart no longer cares

JB is the only one for me

JB loves me in every way

That’s the way it’s going to be

That’s the way it’s going to stay

But then I couldn’t stop him

My chest was in pain

I was too weak to push him

The pain was driving me insane

I knew my screams would not be heard now

He didn’t stop hurting me

The pain in my chest got worst now

I became lightheaded, I couldn’t see

I told him to stop

But he told me he couldn’t

I felt helpless with him on top

He knew he shouldn’t

He finally stopped and got off

I pulled up my pants fast

I told him to stay away from me and stormed off

I drove back home so fast, I ignored the officer I passed

As I came into the house I tried to hide the fear

When I looked into JB’s eyes I wanted to cry

I rushed to the shower and wiped a tear

He asked if I was ok, I said yes with a sigh

I stayed in the shower until the water turned ice cold

I tried to ignore the memory

I faked a smile as the pain still showed

I wanted to tell JB my fury

Now that I told JB the truth

I fell like I was right

It was all my fault

And now I might lose the only thing

That feels right in my life


Her Joy

As I see her tears, I feel my heart break

As I hear her cry, I feel my body shake

As I hold her close and keep her happy, 

I feel my heart heal back together 

As I heard my child's cry, I came to her rescue 

As I felt her fill with joy and smile once more,

I was there to feel her joy.




A pain that led to the hospital

A lump that led to tests

Diagnosis that led to life changes

A disease inside of women and men

She was already strong before it started

And her bravery hasn’t been forgotten

Four children of her own

Four hearts to keep together

She fought, cried and tried

She never gave up and neither did they

Support from everyone around her

Love from her children that will never die

A new beginning and second chance

She accepted her life with strength in her mind

And love for life and family in her heart

Life or death cancer will never win

As long as there is still love in your heart

And joy in your mind

Cancer can never beat you

Disease will never take away their love

Dada Dada

Dada Dada

Means Daddy I miss you

Dada Dada

Means Daddy I need you

Dada Dada

Means hugs and kisses from far away

Dada Dada

Means where is my Daddy

Dada Dada

Means Mommy why are you sad

Dada Dada

Means Daddy please come home soon.

Dada Dada

I love you!


Whenever I hurt

You are alright

Sometimes I feel like dirt

Especially when we fight

You are so selfish

And such a hypocrite

You don’t know my anguish

In this relationship,

I’m a misfit
If you could only see

How much you hurt me

Every time I feel bad

It just makes you mad

Every time I feel sick

You make me feel hectic

I can’t take this misery much longer

Our fights don’t make it any better

This relationship makes my heart hurt

There’s no more comfort


A trip that was the mistake

Which had mother and child all alone

Suffering mother, happy child

Lonely father, confused family

A mistake that led to pain

That led to loneliness and hatred

I should of left him sooner

I shouldn’t have believed what they said

The passion is done and the love is gone

His lies blinded me

But now the work is done, paperwork filed

And lives have been changed